About Us

A Group of Teachers and a Big Idea

The Center for Hands-On Learning in Rio Rancho, New Mexico provides curriculum and materials that are educational, easy to use, and fun. Our kits include everything needed to teach complete units of science, math, & other subjects. Our kits are designed for classrooms, after-school groups & others.

Our Center was started in 1991 under a grant from the Intel Corporation. A group of local elementary school teachers were interested in doing a better job of teaching science but were tired of gathering, buying, and begging for materials. We knew that teaching science was important but that reading a textbook and answering the questions at the end wasn’t really science.

With Intel’s support and encouragement, we began designing and building kits that include everything needed to teach complete units of science. That first year, we distributed our kits to five local schools. Because we were all teachers, we knew the difficulties (and great rewards) of teaching hands-on science and that made our materials very popular. After many requests from other teachers and schools to use our materials, we incorporated in 1994 as a non-profit corporation. Our products are now in use all over the country. We continue to expand because, as teachers, we know the challenges of teaching and we make our decisions based on that knowledge and experience.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll work with you to create unique, innovative solutions – no matter how big or small your program. Our Center is a nonprofit corporation founded and run by teachers, dedicated to helping everyone keep learning.