Earth Science

Students explore the tools and techniques of meteorologists, geologists, and astronomers in this unit. As meteorologists, they gather weather data and interpret weather maps. As geologists, they learn to read the story of a rock and then how to identify it. As astronomers, they experiment with lenses to understand simple telescopes and then go on to learn about the latest advances in astronomy.

Lesson 1:  Tools of a Meteorologist I

Lesson 2:  Tools of a Meteorologist II

Lesson 3:  Tools of a Meteorologist III

Lesson 4:  Weather Patterns

Lesson 5:  Tools of a Geologist

Lesson 6:  How Rocks Form

Lesson 7:  Tools of an Astronomer

Lesson 8:  The Night Sky

Lesson 9:  Astronomy Today

What's in the kit?

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