Healthy Science 1

Students learn the basics of staying healthy including exercise, good food, being safe, and staying well. During each lesson, student record what they've learned or information about their lives and likes in mini books. At the end of the unit, all the books are put inside a "Healthy Me" box -- a keepsake that will be treasured by families for years. This unit provides a great way to emphasize important healthy living. If possible, get your school nurse, P.E. teacher, and cafeteria staff involved (that's assuming that you have all of that support -- if you don't, don't worry because there's plenty of support in the Teacher's Guide).


Lesson 1:  It's Great to Be Me

Lesson 2:  It's Great to Play

Lesson 3:  It's Great to Eat Good Food

Lesson 4:  It's Great to Be Healthy

Lesson 5:  It's Great to Be Safe

What's in the kit?

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