Kindergarten Kits

Kindergarten Classroom Kits

Students learn about the parts of animals and plants as they make unique slat books, create a jointed model of their own bodies, and see how babies and grown-ups often have a lot in common. Observations of crickets an their own sprouting seeds let students use what they’ve learned.


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Young children are excited to learn about their world. The tools in this unit help students explore the properties of objects as they identify, sort, and match pictures, textures, smells, and sounds. They roll, spin, push, and pull objects as they begin to learn about the forces that make things move.


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Students begin learning about the Earth and space as they observe how the Sun appears to move through the sky, become weather watchers, and distinguish winter and summer. They put energy from the Sun and the wind to work with color changing plastics and take home wind toys.


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