Physics of Movement

Students start studying movement by moving themselves and then find out what it takes to start moving, stop moving, an change direction. Next, students are challenged to design and build a toy vehicle that can roll down a ramp. Finally, they explore gravity and design a toy that keeps gravity from winning - for a while. There are several options for assessing your students’ understanding of each lesson. Each lesson ends with a rubric that you can use to assess your students’ work during class and what they record in their Student Booklet.

There are also two versions of formal written assessments included. These can be used as pre/post tests, practice tests, or review. These assessments test your students on the standards covered, not necessarily what they did during the lesson. That way, you can use them to help students connect what they’ve done with questions that might appear on a standards-based test.

Lesson 1: Moving Me

Lesson 2: Moving Things

Lesson 3: Gravity

Lessons 4: Vehicle Design Lab

Lesson 5: Designer Showcase

What's in the kit?

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