Colored Pencils and Chalk – Grades 3 through 6


This program was developed to help teachers provide quality and realistic art education to their students. In addition to techniques and skills, Journey into Art presents important art content and helps students learn how to appreciate art of different styles and from different times. All this with plenty of connections to math, science, and history.

The bin comes with all materials you'll need for a group of 24 students. It's important that everyone have access to their own materials so you'll find 24 each of colored pencil sets and lots of colored chalk as well as plenty of paper. There are 24 copies of all worksheets (students draw on) and handouts (printed examples) as well as other materials that make using the kit easier. And because we know that the chalk can get a bit messy, we've included wet wipes to clean chalky fingers.

Refill packs that replace all consumable materials are available or you can purchase individual components. Colored Pencils & Chalk Kit contains everything you need (except water) to teach 12 lessons to 24 students!


Each lesson has three sections: Learn, Explore, and Create. Together, they take about 45 minutes although "Create" can take much longer depending on your students` interest. If you find yourself short on time, stop at the end of one section and start there the next time.

Colored pencils & Chalk lessons:

Exploring Colored Pencils; Seeing Colors; Making More Colors;
Negative Space;
Positive Space;
Floral Still Life;
Getting to Know Colored Chalk;
Mixing Colors;
Mouth, Eyes, and Noses;
Drawing a Portrait.


Kit comes with everything you need (except water) to teach 12 art lessons to 24 students.  We even supply Hold-Tu adhesive for displaying the student’s work!


Price: $425.00

Shipping: $42.50

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