Energy 2040 Complete Kit

A multi-disciplinary unit and kit for middle school students.


Energy 2040 is a multidisciplinary unit : Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies. It deals with many of our global energy issues - from the energy needs of Somalian refugees to the energy needs of millions of people in India and China. In addition to meeting Science Standards, it aligns with many of the Common Core Standards recommended for Mid-School in Math, ELA, Social Studies .

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills Global Awareness urges educators to deal with important and relevant themes. But how do you teach students about energy when they may not have any science background? Energy 2040 lets students get their hands on materials so that they can wire circuits, explore the relationship between magnetism and electricity, and much more. Don’t understand how we got where we are regarding energy? Students explore the history of energy in the Universe as well as the human history of energy, electricity, and light.


Energy 2040 lessons cover a wide range of topics including:

Basics of electricity
Energy sources
producing and using electricity
The numbers of power
International numbers
The history of energy
The history of light
The power of research
Our energy future
Solving the world`s problems
A Swedish solution
And more...


The Energy 2040 kit includes everything (except water and wind) that you need to teach each lesson to 30 students.
Included are:

The Energy 2040 magazine, a 41 page glossy publication that presents interesting energy information. Students will learn whether they should feel bad about leaving their cell phones plugged in overnight (no) and when taking the escalator is a better choice than the stairs (going down).
Alternative energy toys that allow students to explore wind and solar power and the relationship between energy in and energy out. Along with the toys are instruction manuals that suggest even more explorations.
Posters printed on sturdy vinyl that provide basic information about the generation and use of electricity.
Four full color Teacher`s Guides with instructions and background information.

All equipment, printed materials,and posters are included. Even an Energy 2040 USB drive with important energy-related documents.


Price: $650.00

Shipping: $65.00

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