Family Math Kit for K – 6


Everything you need to run a successful family math night.

Our family math kit is the best resource available for anyone interested in running a family night or wanting a new, better, way to handle family outreach. Combining decades of experience in family programs with cutting edge materials. We take classic, proven activities that are fun and beneficial for the whole family and update them for modern audiences. All the materials have been designed to be rugged and long lasting with PVC task cards in a sturdy bin -- this kit is designed to last.


• 2-Dimensional NIM
• Aunt Bebe`s contest
• Balloon Ride
• Bridges
• Calculator Paths
• Calendar Patterns
• Coordinate Tic-Tac-Toe
• Cover Patterns
• Double Digits
• Eight Cube Solid
• Fair Spinners
• Fraction Kit Games
• Graphing Information
• How Close Can You Get?
• How Long is a Name
• Hurkle
• Making a Calendar
• More Cubic Solids
• Multiplication Designs
• Nimble Calculator
• Number Guess
• Odd or Even
• Palindromes
• Perfect People
• Pico, Fermi, Bagels
• Place the Digits
• Rainbow Logic
• Save Twenty
• Sorting & Classifying
• Sum What Dice Game
• Tangrams
• Target Addition
• Tax Collector
• Ten Card Arrangement
• Three Bean Salad
• Tic Tac Toe Rounding in a Row
• Value of Words
• Venn Diagrams
• Cut-A-Card


• Based on the award winning classic EQUALS Family Math book.
• A brand new kit based on our 25 years of experience in Family Math kits.
• Task cards printed on ultra sturdy PVC sheets.
• Provides everything you need to run a family math night, including : task cards, family math book, game pieces, calculators, and even sharpened pencils.
• Scalable activities that provide something for every member of the family.
• Set up your entire family math night in less than ten minutes.
• An engaging take home book so the learning keeps going at home.
• 30+ activities that range from counting to algebra and fractions.
• Covers number sense, operation, patterns, geometry, probability, graphing, spatial sense, and more.
• Aligned to the Common Core math standards.


Price: $450.00

Shipping: $45.00

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