Science Explorer Kit for Families


Everything you need (except water) for an amazing science night!

Family Science Explorer is based on a book by the Exploratorium, the amazing museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco. All the materials (except water!) are provided to allow families to explore sight, sound, mysterious mixtures, flying things, and more! Materials for over 40 activities are included.

Great for Families or Homeschoolers…each Science Explorer Family kit contains all the materials you need for at least 20 families to do every activity at least once (enough for 3 or 4 sessions)


• Bubbularium
• Building with Bubbles
• Cups of Mystery
• Ear Guitar
• ExploraGoo
• Fabulous Foam Flyer
• Flipsticks
• Flipsticks II
• Handful of Bubbles
• Head Hard
• Hoopster
• Hot Dog Finger
• Jumping Pepper
• Mysterious Mixtures
• Outrageous Ooze
• Rainbow Prints
• Read White and Blue
• Remote Control Roller
• Rings, Wings, and Other Flying Things
• Roto-Copter
• Secret Bells
• Soap Drops Derby
• Sound Safari
• Spinning Blimps
• Straw Oboe
• The Tingler
• What Else Can I Do With Static?
• Blowing, Bouncing, Bursting Bubbles
• Balloon Blowup
• Black Magic
• Bubble Prints


• Based on the award winning Science Explorer book from the Exploratorium.
• An updated version of our Science Explorer kits made just for family nights.
• Task cards printed on UV coated card stock.
• Provides everything you need to run a family night, including : task cards, Science Explorer book, glue, scissors, cups, food coloring, baking soda, and SO much more.
• Scalable activities that provide something for every member of the family.
• Set up your entire science night in less than ten minutes.
• 40+ activities.
• Covers flying things, colors, mixtures, hearing and sounds, sight and optical illusions, static, and more!
• Aligned to the NSTA science standards.


Price: $695.00

Shipping: $69.50

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