Science Explorer Kit for Groups


Activities for multiple science experiments.

This great kit allows groups to explore bubbles, flying things, mysterious mixtures, and more. This kit is based on the book (included in kit) from the Exploratorium, the famous hands-on science museum in San Francisco. The kit is packed by topic in four RubberMaid bins and has everything you need (except water) to do lots of science with up to 40 children. Each of the 30+ activities comes individually packed in a large bag which contains all the materials needed for that activity and a task card with instructions and science background.


• Bubbularium
• Building with Bubbles
• Cups of Mystery
• Ear Guitar
• ExploraGoo
• Fabulous Foam Flyer
• Flipsticks
• Flipsticks II
• Handful of Bubbles
• Head Hard
• Hoopster
• Hot Dog Finger
• Jumping Pepper
• Mysterious Mixtures
• Outrageous Ooze
• Rainbow Prints
• Read White and Blue
• Remote Control Roller
• Rings, Wings, and Other Flying Things


• Based on the award winning Science Explorer book from the Exploratorium.
• Science Explorer book and Leader’s Guide (full of hints and helps) included in each kit.
• Task cards printed on UV coated card stock.
• Includes task cards, Science Explorer book, glue, scissors, cups, food coloring, baking soda, and SO much more.
• Everything about the kit has been designed for easy set-up, clean-up, and replenishment.
• 30+ activities.
• Covers flying things, colors, mixtures, hearing and sounds, sight and optical illusions, static, and more!
• Aligned to the NSTA science standards.


Price: $750.00

Shipping: $75.00

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