Molecules and Atoms

K5PS1KITFifthgradephysicalscienceWhat I’m shooting for here is simple, bold, and fast.  One long page that has each lesson in sequence with a slider that fills the screen for easy reading.  If you are rewriting these training modules… which I haven’t heard for sure… you can quickly build simple Power Point presentations and add a little color and style.  These are being built as ‘posts’ rather than pages, which opens up very interesting options for displaying an index… will get to that after a number of these are finished.

Lesson 1: The Periodic Table

Lesson 2: Physical Properties
Lesson 3: Properties of Solids
Lesson 4: Properties of Liquids
Lesson 5: Properties of Gasses

Lesson 6: Growing Crystals
Lesson 7: Properties of Matter