Second Grade

Second Grade Classroom Kits

The many different kinds of life on Earth are explored as students work with the metamorphosis of mealworms, the life cycle of the cucumber plant, and a living thing that isn't a plant or an animal but grows quickly and is good to eat - oyster mushrooms!

In this unit, students learn about body systems the organs that make up those systems, and the nutrients they need to stay healthy as they create a healthy body poster with a transparent overlay. Keeping that body healthy is more fun as members of the "Clean Hands Club."

Students learn about seasonal changes and how the Moon changes throughout the month. They discover the changes that occur when different solids are mixed with water, how materials change state, what happens when objects are "charged," and what changes magnets can cause.

Energy and engineering join forces in this unit. Students explore energy as they use different materials to design and build sailboats. They use energy to make strange sounds and measure heat created by a chemical reaction. Finally, students examine paper that has an unusual reaction to heat energy.

Students perform tests on sand, clay, and humus to determine the unique properties of each kind of soil; then they perform experiments to discover which soil is the best for germinating seeds and what growing plants need. Rocks are explored as students sort, sieve, and perform geological tests.