Students make and use several weather watching tools and learn to use thermometer as they start to keep track of what's happening outside. The night sky is explored as children learn that the Sun isn't the only thing that appears to move across the sky.

We want you to confidently teach all the material. Interesting background information that enhances everyone’s understanding of the subject is included in the Teacher's Guide. Also included is suggested "teacher talk." This step-by-step-here's-what-you-say can be helpful if you are unfamiliar with a subject area or unit or if a substitute teacher is teaching the lesson.

Lesson 1: Tracking The Sun

Lesson 2: Goodnight Moon

Lesson 3: So, How Hot Is It? 

Lesson 4: Windy Enough for You?

Lesson 5: Hooray for Rain!

What's in the kit?

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