What does it take for a plant or animal to survive? What behavioral or structural adaptations does it need to get food, reproduce, and avoid being eaten? How do communities of animals and plants work and what happens when something goes wrong? Students try their hands at designing seeds, creating food webs, classifying adaptations. A gel ant farm is a fascinating and easy way to observe living things surviving up close.

Survival Tips:

Have students plant the seeds as soon as possible; the larger the plants are for lesson 4, the better.  Order ants if none can be found outside.  See AntWorks instruction booklet.

Lesson 1:  Investigating Seeds

Lesson 2:  Desert Food Web

Lesson 3:  Pollution

Lesson 4:  Adaptation

Lesson 5:  Structure and Function

Lesson 6:  Behavioral Adaptations

Lesson 7:  Research Results

What's in the kit?

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